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The temperature dropped as we ventured deeper inside. Cool, damp air stuck to my hair and laid it flat against my forehead. But I didn’t care. I drank in the sites of the oddly shaped structures that grew from the ground and the ginormous castle-like pillars that hung from the ceiling. As a child, caves and animals mesmerized me. So, it’s no surprise, to those who know me well, that my favorite childhood memory is when I went to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico.

After exploring the caves, we sat at the top of the hill and waited. Soon, a sea of bats came cascading out of the back cavern entrance. Other than the sound of beating wings, everything was silent. For a couple minutes, the sky turned black as the little creatures whipped to their next destination.

The caves and beautiful display of dark wings across an evening sky is forever engrained in my brain.

Most of my childhood was spent in Texas. I was 18 years old when I left my home and moved to Pennsylvania. I had an itch to travel and experience something new.

It’s funny… back then I wanted so badly to leave Texas, but now it’s my favorite place in the world. It’s where my family is. And for me, my family is my home.

One thing that makes it easier to live so far away from family is my work. In the past, I have worked at large corporations. While there are perks working for a bigger organization, it doesn’t have the family feel that smaller companies like Credential Leasing & Finance have.

I’ve been a part of the Credential team for about one year now. When I first joined, I quickly noticed that it wasn’t hard to integrate into the culture. And that’s because of the people I work with. A personal core value of mine is to treat others with respect and appreciate their time. I can’t begin to tell you how many times Alan or Mike or any of my other coworkers have stopped what they are doing to give me their full attention. I really appreciate the way they let me ask questions and pick their brains. I am valued here. And that makes all the difference.

For me, relationships are the breath of life. My goal is to get to know something small about every person. Sometimes personalities click. Sometimes they don’t. But generally, you can find a common interest or the good in the people around you. So, whether I am with one of my three amazing daughters, talking to a coworker, or visiting family in Texas, my goal is to make the person in front of me feel valued. I’m lucky enough to work with people who do the same for me.