Linda and Morris Schwab

Credential Leasing Corporation was started in 1960 by Morris Schwab when the wholesale appliance business his father started was searching for a way to provide more value added services to their dealer base. In order to help them purchase more TV’s and appliances they were developing marketing tools to help the dealer sell at retail. To ensure that the dealer could offer more selection, the managers developed a warehouse and shipping system to provide sufficient availability of the product on an as need basis. But their biggest concern was how to help the dealer secure adequate financing in order to properly manage their company. They knew from their own experience that alternative means of acquiring non-inventory assets were necessary in order to ensure that cash flow be available to run their businesses and keep their banks happy. Out of this theory Credential Leasing and Finance was founded.

The business started slowly. Most of the deals came via word of mouth from local customers that knew them. The first really large transaction occurred when a bid came through from the State of Pennsylvania for a large quantity of commercial ice machines. The wrinkle in the bid was that they wanted to lease the equipment rather than purchase it.

At the time, Credential was one of a very small number of Leasing & Finance companies that could handle a transaction of that size. After they were awarded the contract, Credential started to specialize in leasing commercial ice machines to restaurants, hospitals, hotels, etc. For some time they existed mainly to manage the ice machine leases and this aspect still remains a separate but integral part of Credential’s operations.

Credential naturally then moved into other areas of equipment leasing and financing, such as, computers, commercial vehicles, communications, construction, office equipment, medical, printing, production and recycling equipment. These are the product lines that dominate their business today.

Although Credential remained a distinctly local company with offices in Harrisburg, PA and Baltimore, MD, as theirĀ  reputation as a small ticket leasing and finance specialist grew, large suppliers nationwide began employing their services. Today they offer leasing and financing for customers from their full service offices in Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

Credential remains an independently owned company led by Morris’s son Andrew. They are a self-funded company which writes leases and finance agreements for its own portfolio. As such, Credential is committed to a level of personal service few leasing companies are able to match. With Credential you will be working with people that listen to what your needs are and develop a unique program to fit your business profile. People who will be there to serve you today and will be there in the future to help you meet any new challenges your business might face.

Your success is Credential’s goal.