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My favorite place in the world to be is at home with my family. Give me some quality time with the people I love, throw in a great meal, and I’m a happy man! I’ve always been that way. It’s probably what drew me to Credential 42 years ago.

One of my favorite memories with the organization was when I first started. Morrie Schwab, founder of Credential, quickly took me under his wing. He took a chance on me as a kid fresh out of college when he offered me a job. He had a brilliant mind for finance and I loved working closely with him. From the start, the small team he pulled me into felt like a little family.

One thing that I admired about the business in my early years was how much of a straight-shooter the approach we took to everything. It’s something we hold tight to today as well. We’re truthful and honest
about the things we can and cannot do.

I’ve been in the business for a long time now. I know the industry, and to be frank, there are a lot of leasing and finance companies that have deceptive practices. Some say that it’s just business. But one of the reasons I’ve stayed at Credential for so many years is that the way our company is run, aligns with my personal values of doing right by people.

I know financing may not be a hot topic for everyone. But man, I get so happy when I help a customer acquire the equipment they need and preserve their capital. Many people are in a business or starting a business and need equipment that adds value. For the past 42 years, the smiles I see or the phone calls I get after helping a customer have never gotten old.

I consider myself lucky to have such a great family. Not just the one I go home to. But the community that I get to work with every day.

-Mike Pavlishin