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I got my very first paycheck when I was 12.

When I held that $45 check for my work as a farmhand, I was ecstatic. I ran home and told my parents I
was going to take the whole family out for dinner. We didn’t eat out much. Unbeknownst to me, you
couldn’t feed a family of 6 for $45—even back then. My parents didn’t seem to mind. They had proud
smiles on their faces when they made up the difference of our tab. To this day, that is one of my favorite

Despite my oversight, I was always a numbers boy. A lot of other kids wanted to be astronauts or
firefighters when they grew up.

I wanted to be an accountant.

Now as the Chief Financial Officer of Credential Leasing and Finance, I get to think through numbers all
the time. Whether analyzing credit applications or reviewing internal finances, I do what I love every

And I get to work with a team of people who love it, too. I enjoy leading people. I have been at
Credential for over 20 years and one of my favorite aspects of the organization is its intimate, family-feel.
There’s something special about the trusted relationships that develop when you work with individuals
for a long time.

As you look through some of our team blogs, you’ll see the importance of people and family come up a
lot. I think that’s because it’s true of our culture here at Credential. For a lot of us, our favorite place to
be is home with the people we love. Being able to work alongside another group of incredible
individuals is just icing on the cake!